Body and mind  have been interconnected in health discussions throughout history .

You may wonder why a healthy mind needs a healthy body – as you might say there are peoprl with major afflictions who need a wheel chair to give just one example.

Mostly it is not explicitly expressed, but I think health first of all is the condition of our body chemistry. Every single function in our body – may it be a thought, may it be dealing with food we have eaten, the work of the multitude of muscles we have, feelings and all – everything is interconnected with chemical reactions so that it all can take place.

So even if you are in a wheel chair for which ever reason – your body chemistry can still be ok and needs to be maintained.

We are all aware that chemical factories which run into a process failure can be pretty dangerous for us and we of course try to take all precautions that such occurrences are unlikely to happen by imposing rules and regulations on such factories/industries so that the processes will run smoothly without danger to the people around and the environment.

When you take a close look at our body the situation is a lot more complex.

We are an extremely complex chemical plant and nobody is aware into detail which processes are taking place. Yes, we know a lot about them, but there is also a lot which we don’t know – that is why research is ongoing!


How do we handle maintenance of our health?

We are designed to eat a multitude of foods –  fruits, seeds, nuts, salads, vegetables, oils, proteins and provided we have a good mix of all there is a big likelihood that we supply a lot of what out body needs. In the old days when we  worked physically and moved extensively we could even eat big amounts of these foods without getting fat and our body was supplied fairly well also with the required nutrients.

Today we are facing two major problems:

  1. We move far less than of old
  2. We eat a very narrow range of  the above listed foods and what’s worse, a lot of it is processed or “improved to be safe” – what a nonsense!

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Hard physical work is reduced to a large extent as many many work processes use machinery one way or other – yes there are still some that are hard, but even those are as  a rule not as hard as they used to be.

In our free time natural past times like hiking, cycling, doing relaxed sports like just playing ball with the children, digging in a pile of sand with them, chasing them for fun and many other games that used to be a normal and regular past time have been replaced by the electronic variety of it. That means we sit on our butt and watch what is happening on a monitor. So from a fairly early age onwards our body is not trained to exercise and many chemical processes that are developed and stimulated that way become sluggish.

Yes, of course sports is propagated – but that is a few hours a week at the most and does not replace a daily active lifestyle.

as 2)

Ask yourself – how many times a day do you eat a piece of fruit or have a hand full of nuts and seeds as a snack? Or do you take a box of mixed vegetables for your lunch break at school or at your job – perhaps a hard boiled egg to round it off – and fresh fruit juice and lots of water in between….

Does this sound strange to you? Well it should be normal! And even if you do all this you will need an extra supply of nutrients which are rarely contained in our foods even if well mixed.

Instead you very likely have sandwiches, dough nuts, burgers, all sorts of packed cakes and stuff containing nothing much but “carbs” and the kind of fats we shouldn’t have at all. Coming home some read meal from the supermarket popped into the micro wave to save time – time which is then spent in front of the TV………… I suppose you get where I am going!

Of course, life these days is fast, it can be a challenge most of the time and we have to see that we can make ends meet. However, unless you spend thought, time and energy/money on maintaining your health NOW, you will very likely spend a lot more of these resources on your illness later in life.

So – no matter how old/young you are now – find ways to maintain your health.

No time – well there are products out there that are “functional foods” which are nutritious foods that are like supplements that you can use as a snack and there are supplements that combine the best of nature and science so that you can give your body all it needs without needing time from you.

If you supply your body with all it needs you will find a while later that cravings stop and that you are more likely to eat healthy foods and that your mindset starts shifting with regards to what you like or not.

You need  ideas? You want to loose weight? Youwant to know how to fit healthy nutrition into a fast lifestyle?


Give your health a chance! GEt in touch!

Your Health Coach for Life

Frieke Karlovits

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