Stay Simple in Life and Business

In today’s complex world staying simple appears to be a  TASK! Society is set to make life complicated by establishing musts and dos in too many areas of life. These complicated rules reflect themselves even in daily communication. Nothing happens without a diary or an appointment although spontaneous things/events very often prove to be the

Success Through Empowerment

Empowerment has become somewhat fashionable as a term – however – you’d better consider empowerment a little closer. The word naturally contains the word power as a core content. Whereas the word empowerment implies positive meanings,  the negative connotations of “power” are despicable no doubt. But which positive aspects of power can we claim: Power

Simple – Key in Network Marketing Today –Tip 13

Simple! Simple Learning Simple Duplication Simple Communication Leave it Simple! Why? Network marketing today should be a business for everyone. This does not mean that everyone will do it and become a professional network marketer. But it is the fundamental idea of this profession that everybody should be able to do it. Strangely enough it

Drive Your”Vehicle” Tip 8, Network Marketing Today

“Drive a Vehicle”   Do you remember how you first got into a car for your very first driving lesson? Were you proficient from the very first minute? You were not? So why would you imagine you might be proficient at driving your business vehicle from the very first minute onwards? If you were lucky

Values in Network Marketing Today–Tip 5

Set Values! Setting values is an absolute necessity. Values determine the quality of your business. They are in a way a reflection of who you are! Considering the law of attraction they will even determined what you draw into your business life.   Find here a few hints as to what might be important in

How to Get You Started –Tip 2

  Be Specific!     Why be specific – well, you need to materialise your dream into a vision.  A vision is working for you when you start to go into detail as to what your dream is all about. This is true for any situation in life and it is a must in network

How to Get You Started–Tip 1

                 DREAM Yes, dream – you hear it all the time – it is  THE main topic when you decide to create your life.  Why? Well, have you ever gone on a  holiday without wondering beforehand where to go or perhaps dreaming about a location you have always wanted to visit, to explore? Certainly