Let me introduce myself:

Born and raised in Graz, Austria, I consider myself a world citizen. Already as a young child at school I was aware that it must be a small world and that everyone should co-operate to make it one worth while to live in.

Ever since I can remember I have had lots of diversified interests. As a small child I used to love watching my father in the work shop make metal moulds on the lathe and when he was not home crocheting with my grandmother  or helping my mum in the kitchen – all of it was gorgeous. Later  reading, skating, swimming, cycling became favorite past times – but also designing and making my clothes was something, as well as taking my bike apart to service and grease it was part of my life. Healthy curiosity has always been “ME”!

As a trained interpreter and specialized translator I have been making technical translations freelance  all my life and loved it as it permitted me to look into a great variety of subjects pretty closely.

The second major life topic has always been nutrition, health and prevention. Born as a food allergic  there was no choice. Never ever did I have to take medication to tune my condition – it all worked through acquiring knowledge in the field of nutrition – partly information which people without such an affliction wouldn’t not even have thought of.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and teachers and somehow I seem to have merged both sides. I have been self employed since age 24 and have added  the extraordinary industry of network marketing to my  scope of work 25+ years back. In network marketing you become successful by helping others succeed!

Let’s build your success  on a basis of mutual respect and friendship – to put it short – let’s make it a small world for you, for me, for your success – a world which is worth while to be lived in!

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