Stay Simple in Life and Business

Tip 16

In today’s complex world staying simple appears to be a  TASK!

Society is set to make life complicated by establishing musts and dos in too many areas of life.

These complicated rules reflect themselves even in daily communication.

Nothing happens without a diary or an appointment although spontaneous things/events very often prove to be the most successful ones as you do them in the flow and at the right time that presents itself.

I am not saying that you stop being structured. there are things like work hours or school schedules for the kids, doctors’ appointments, theatre tickets and a lot more; however between all those things that structure your life in areas which you cannot avoid,  there is plenty of time for you to act more freely.

When you are building a business, especially business where you are interacting with lots of people on a daily basis, like in network marketing,  clear structures are a must – but again, clear structures will simplify your life.

You will be taken serious, people will like to be with you as you are not imposing additional pressure into lives of others who may have an overload already.

Staying simple implies things like:

  • being clear and straightforward
  • doing things without complex preparations
  • making sure you are being understood easily
  • not having 1001 rules and regulations that interfere with what you  actually want
  • write in short sentences without complicated structures
  • come to the point of what you want to convey

You can add plenty to this list which contains just examples of what it means “to be simple”

The one area where being simple unfortunately has become a habit of life for many is eating.

Too many people today are resorting to fast food of whichever kind to save the time for preparing food or even a meal properly.

This is sad as proper nutrition is one of the corner stones of a healthy and successful life and once you compromise on this for too long you will spend the time saved by spending it on doctors’ appointments, treatments and the like to hopefully regain what you have lost – your HEALTH!

Take this as a hint to make life simple where ever it makes sense and move one step forward into a well balanced, healthy and happy life that  will be the basis for all the success you deserve!

To Your Success!

Frieke Karlovits






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