Duplication – The Magic of Network Marketing Today

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Did you ever work on something wondering why  things were so slow?

No matter if it was clearing the garage, cleaning the yard, making a new piece of furniture or cooking a meal for a big family or any other example you might think of. Very often when you do such things all by yourself you are wishing for the “extra” hand. It is so surprising when you do such things together with just one other person you will get more than twice as much done than alone in the same time. It is a fact that “working together” multiplies time as many things are facilitated.

When it comes to more complex work processes the result of co-operation is even more pronounced and  when things are done well co-operation in business may create the magic of duplication. this means that something that is done well by one person may be repeated by others thus multiplying the good results.

It’s been years by now that big companies have utilised this effect – first by opening a couple of branches, later by setting up franchises where good business models can be leased giving a win-win situation for both the knowledge owner as well as the person who leases it.

The far more advanced business model is network marketing. In network marketing today the start up fees/costs are low and accordingly affordable for most people. The business model works well for those who actually see network marketing as a business.

However this favourable low cost factor creates a strange situation – too many people who are more lottery  than business minded seem to think that network marketing is the wonder cow that can be milked without effort and consequently when nothing happens that way they discredit this industry – a sad development which is enhanced considerably by the “hypy” marketing practises on the internet.

If you think of becoming an entrepreneur you should therefore consider rationally. Learn the conventional practise of network marketing and use the internet carefully to widen your possibilities of meeting more people in countries where your company is doing business.

Of course you also have to make sure that your company is running a decent commission program and does not use the term network marketing as a cover up for moderate business practises. Make sure that the beginners can make a decent check so that they have the time and the background that they can really learn the business.

Bearing these thoughts in mind you will be able to see quickly that the Magic of Duplication holds true in this industry and you will like myself be able to stay in it long-term and with good success.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits


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