Success Through Empowerment

Tip 14

Empowerment has become somewhat fashionable as a term – however – you’d better consider empowerment a little closer.

The word naturally contains the word power as a core content.

Whereas the word empowerment implies positive meanings,  the negative connotations of “power” are despicable no doubt.

But which positive aspects of power can we claim:

Power can be see as “the strength to do something” going from there empowerment can be considered as “giving the strength to do something”. This a a very noble goal in a teacher and others who are in authority as leaders.

  • Good leaders will never use dominance (negative power) to obtain their goals. They will rather  get the people they have to work with interested in “the job” so that any job is performed with joy – the joy of achievement!
  • Teachers who are able to inspire their pupils will achieve top performers as a reward for their efforts. There are very few people who cannot be inspired by one or the other topic. It is the challenge of the teachers, however, to develop such a successful strategy of empowerment.

Looking at empowerment from the side of those who are being empowered – they will arrive at a position of their personal development which they would not have thought possible and as a next step it may very well help them to help themselves to foster their personal empowerment.

Make sure you select a teacher who will be the key person in your empowerment and you will be unstoppable at whatever achievement you have in mind.

It is this kind of personal development which will make all the difference when you have in mind to build your own business and it does not matter which kind of business you have in mind.

The professional side will be the easy part in your training and growth curve. The personal development side will become a lot easier with an empowering teacher. Why?

Never forget it is fear or fear of failure which is you main trap in life and business and empowerment will help you outgrow this limitation!

To Your Personal Empowerment

Frieke Karlovits

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