Time Frames in Network Marketing Today–Tip 6

Tip 6

There is no such thing as “NO TIME” –

the entire life is set in a time frame.

We are born, the first year, day care, pre-school, high-school, college…day, night, seasons…

Every single step in life is set in a time frame.

So why should things be different when building a business?

Building a conventional business very often the banks will set a time frame for the pay-back of loans. This aspect fortunately does not apply when building a network marketing business. As a rule the investment for a network marketing business is small, however, instead you have to invest your time.

Since most people start a network marketing business side-line to their job, setting time frames is a very critical topic. Time has a habit of “evaporating” on us, unless we  nail it down and set up a dairy with the tasks we have to do.

When you set up a diary in such a way that you look at the week as 168 hours you make yourself aware that we basically have plenty of time. Break it down in the time you require for work, for commuting, for doing your house and family obligations, time with children, time for fun and sleep – you will find that you will at least have 15 – 20 hours which you can dedicate to your business if you stick to your diary.

Is it easy? Yes it is easy.  Is it tough? Sure it is tough as most people are not used to sticking to a time frame where they don’t have time to simply “laze away”.

However, if you are serious about building a business for yourself and your freedom so that you can finally live the life you really want, you will do what is required to make it happen.

To Your success!

Your Success Mentor

Frieke Karlovits

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