Teach in Network Marketing Today –Tip 12

Tip 12

Teach Others!


The importance of teaching cannot be emphasised enough! Keep teaching on a regular basis.

Let the slogan be:

tell – show – try – do

It is the key goal of teaching  to get people from activity to productivity.

Everyone, no matter what their background may be. needs to work at personal development on an on going basis.

Communication skills can best be taught through roll play in a group of like minded people.It is  quite a step from knowing to doing and doing is a routing thing. the more often you do, the better you get.

Skills, like dealing with websites, social networks and the like can very well be taught as lectures – best of all videos, as this will allow people to stop and replay until they have “got it”.

No matter which topic you have your focus on right now – be aware that you need to become a professional!

As they say: Amateurs don’t get paid, professionals do!

Therefore, to get paid and to eventually have a fulltime income and a lot more you need to be a professional – no way around it. This will happen if you put aside your ego that may be telling you that you “can do it anyways” and start learning this trade properly as an apprentice.

Start today!

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Frieke Karlovits

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