Take Action in Network Marketing Today–Tip 9

Tip 9

Take Action!


What a statement – are you sure you know the difference between “being busy” and “taking action”?

Listen to what people say – the most frequent statement of people today is: “I am stressed out”.

Let me make something totally clear right from start: stress happens in your mind! Yes, let me repeat: stress happens in your mind!

This is a bold statement – true, however, stress does not equal a lot of work.

Simply watch the people around you to confirm this for yourself:

  • There are those who have 3 kids, a fulltime job, a house and a garden to take care of and yet they are relaxed and will make time to have a drink with you or a chat here and there.
  • And there are those many others who only have themselves and perhaps a job and who have a cleaning woman come in every week  and someone who takes care of the garden. However when you meet them they barely have the time to say hello, they look haggard and driven (stressed out)

Let’s take a look at this situation.

You need to be able to distinguish between “being busy” and taking action.

Let me give you a few examples.

  1. You arrive at your work place and you sit down and start to sort your pens and pencils all to look in the same direction, you sharpen the pencils (not that you need them as you work at the pc). You get yourself a cup of coffee as there was no time for it at breakfast, call the cleaning woman at home to see if the cat got the right amount of food and to make sure she bought the right kind of detergent. Next you start up your pc and  let the emails come in and you read them all top to bottom, no matter if the sender was of relevance or if some perhaps belonged in the spam category (but of course you need to be informed that’s part of work after all). By the time you actually settle down to check what you have to do half the morning is gone…..of course it may be tough to get all you need to do done in the remainder of the work day…..what a stress!
  2. Taking action means doing all the things that give you “results’” – for achieving your work goal at home or at work, that help you to improve your personal development in a way that again your specified objectives will benefit. All the time eating small details which do not contribute in such a way can go on a “to do list” and you can work them off at leisure in small time slots  which will not affect your efficiency. The priorities go into your diary!

In both cases you may spend a lot of time on whatever you are doing, however, when your focus is set on activity the joy of performance and achievement will keep your energy high and you will be tired in the evening, but relaxed and happy, but never ever stressed out!

You may need help to sort yourself out if you have difficulties getting yourself and your planning on track but it will be very much worth the time you spend as it will get you out of the stress race.

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Frieke Karlovits

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