Repetition = Success in Network Marketing Today –Tip 11

Tip 11

Repeat Again and Again!

Repetition is THE Success Formula in Network Marketing today.

You may say – where is the challenge – it is boring to repeat things over and over again..

It is the challenge to repeat things over and over again.

  • Yes it is easy.
  • Yes, it can be boring, but
  • Yes it is the way to go.

You know, we all know – network marketing today works when every single step you do can be duplicated by your new partners.

  • Teach them every single step you take,
  • Teach them that it is basically easy,
  • Teach them that it can be boring,
  • Teach them that is is the way to go if they want to achieve success.

There are two lanes – the general guide lines for network marketing that will be valid for every single company out there and – the more specific guide lines which are set by the business you are doing. At times it can be tricky as some company guide lines may not match too well with the general guide lines for network marketing.

If the gap between the two is too big you might want to take a second look if you have actually picked a network marketing company or if you happened to pick a direct sales company. You may say MLM is direct sales – yes it is, however in a real network marketing company the core values is  different. The focus is on the people and the company looks after them instead of making pressure for turnover.

  • It is a big benefit to be able to choose the amount of work you want to do, however,
  • it is a big handicap to be able to choose the amount of work you do

It requires entrepreneurship and a clear goal to get your butt off the couch and do what is required to succeed!

Repetition will be valid for either business option!

To your Success

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Frieke Karlovits

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