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Tip 8

“Drive a Vehicle”


Do you remember how you first got into a car for your very first driving lesson?

Were you proficient from the very first minute?

You were not?

So why would you imagine you might be proficient at driving your business vehicle from the very first minute onwards?

If you were lucky you had the chance to get some training by your business partners even before you signed the contract of joining them. That is by far the best option as you can at least make the first baby steps right away.

If you signed up before you were educated you should grab your sponsor and make him help you right there. You make a list of people  who you would like to contact right away and let your sponsor help you calling them.

Communication is a skill and you need to learn the correct approach right away. Much easier to learn things correctly to start with than struggle and mend.

Provided you have chosen well there should be a system available that lets you duplicate the proven work approach of your upline. Study it, Follow the training and take it one step at a time.

The same way as you cannot eat an elephant in one piece you cannot learn a business in 1 day.  Do things properly and you will never worry and succeed over time.

To Your Success!

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Frieke Karlovits

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