Creative Breaks Rejuvenate


Network marketing today is FUN!

Working with people is FUN!

Creative Breaks are FUN!

We all know the directive: “Love others as you love yourself”

So when you realise that you are sucked into work to an extent that you do not feel you love yourself anymore you definitely need to do something about it. Some people may go on vacation, others may sleep long hours. There are plenty of possibilities…

For myself I love creative breaks – doing handicrafts, working around the house, spending even more time with family and friends, read through the night, visit the opera…….you get my point?

After a while I am burning again to get back to work, to immerse in all the activities that are required to do network marketing today. I am content and happy – rejuvenated.

It is like starting to write a new book. I am open for new ideas, I start doing things differently, the drive is there and makes you unstoppable – nice.

Let’s  get started! Stay tuned!

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Frieke Karlovits

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