Network Marketing Today “Choose Vehicle”–Tip 7

Tip 7

You Have A Dream!

Is it a dream that is out somewhere not to be considered or is it one of those dreams which you want to manifest, which you want to become part of your life?

You have a dream and you want to draw it into your life – do you have a clue how this could be done?

You need to attach a number a money value to it – let’s say you want a lovely house – find out how much you need to spend to have it – only by specifying this, by making clear what your direction is you will be able to plan constructively.

Now you know where you are going. The next decision will be to choose a “vehicle” that is suitable to get you to your destination.

The best option for sure will be building a network marketing business. Why? Because such a business can be started with a low investment and secondly you can start it without letting go of your job as you can start it in your free time.

Most people who start in network marketing are employees in their first career. In a way this is a handicap as they are missing a business minded thought pattern. As a result you fall in love with some product or other and without much further investigation this very business is started.

Let me comment on this: Most network marketing companies have excellent products and the argument you need to love the product is only partially valid in a business like decision. You have to assess if there is a good long-term market for the product in question. If you fall in love with an old record player because it reminds you how you loved those records in the sixties and you still have many of them, it will still be not a good business idea as selling those record players on a regular basis will prove to be a very difficult venture,

On the other hand you might be a man and you might like female cosmetic articles – well likely you will not use them yourself, but the market is there and even as a man you will be able to build a substantial business with them.

However, the by far superior market in our times is the health and wellness market. this is partly due to the baby boomers but also to the fact that health is a basic necessity for a good life. Furthermore there are all of those who have health issues as they are overweight…..and it does not matter if you are a man or a woman or in which part of the world you are living –health is a universal  topic.

The second important factor to look at is the company background of the company you plan to join. Are they experienced, do they provide excellent serve, do they pay the part time people well so that they can stay in this business and is the commission structure set up fairly? You want to get paid for what you do and not miss out due to qualification levels which are unattainable.

There is lots more to be said in this context but this should get you thinking. Ask critical questions to test if you would be joining a competent team that is capable of supporting you – as a lonely lion there is not a big likelihood that you can build a business successfully.

To Your Wise Choice of Vehicle

Your Guide to Success

Frieke Karlovits


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