Stay Consistent in Network Marketing Today–Tip 10

Tip 10

Being Consistent!

What a challenge in a time when those who are gifted with phantasy and ideas often jump from one thing to the next before one thing was actually  really started.

It is this spirit of our times which offers instant gratification for so many things that the idea of consistency  has lost the importance t deserves.

We all know that “practise makes perfect” this has been valid for a long long time.

What are the advantages of being consistent? Let me state but a few!

  • When we do something over a period of time we become proficient at what we are doing. We achieve expertise and that again helps showing others the way. This showing others the way is not a specialty of network marketing – it has been the basis of apprenticeship over hundreds of years. The better the master the better the pupil and the more proficient you become the more flexible and inventive you can be.
  • this proficiency makes life easy – we do what we need to do and the time we require for it becomes less and less – wither we can add to our tasks and do more or we can enjoy a certain freedom of time and still be proficient – consistent
  • Considering the internet staying consistent creates a viral foundation for our business that is working for us after a certain period of time that we can truly say our “business is open 24/7 – a fact which of course again improves our productivity without drawing from our personal strength.
  • another fact about staying consistent and the internet – we will be recongnised as experts by google and our work will show up a lot more and eventually even on page 1 of search engines –another side effect which is very much wanted.

I do hope I got you thinking so that you will do all you can to make your consistency better and better day by day. It is a necessity in all areas of life but when you are building a network marketing business it is a must which you cannot leave aside. It is like gym – practise and you will be a master over time.

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