Values in Network Marketing Today–Tip 5

Tip 5

Set Values!

Setting values is an absolute necessity. Values determine the quality of your business. They are in a way a reflection of who you are! Considering the law of attraction they will even determined what you draw into your business life.


Find here a few hints as to what might be important in life, in business and especially in network marketing today. Priorities might vary, but none of the suggested values can be dispensed with.



Respect for yourself and for others. We all know that  you have to do onto others as you do to yourself;  therefore never underestimate the basic rule “love yourself first”.

Support: this is an interesting one as support definitely does not mean do the work for others. You are supposed to help those who make a real effort and struggle with one thing or another. Those are the ones that deserve your time.

Team Spirit: The importance of tea spirit is demonstrated clearly in all sorts of team sports where it is impossible to even play without it. In business or especially in network marketing today it  is far less obvious. Everyone has to do what has to be done – so why team spirit…there will be times or days when things do not happen as you have planned or you receive criticism by someone you talked to; there are so many possibilities that might pull you down – that is when the team spirit will kick in – you can talk to your upline leaders and get moral support and very likely additional training that will help you deal even better with situations you have encountered and found tough.

Even positive competition within a team can prove to be a valuable incentive for you to give your best.

Kindness: Heart felt kindness when dealing with people will take you far. Lots of people are fear ridden these days and a kind word or gesture can make all the difference for them.

But apart from values that determine human interaction you also need values like

Making a decent business plan and then sticking to it by determining your daily plan of action performing it diligently.

Unless you perform in accordance with your business plan and your scheduled plan of action you cannot have an idea how to train other people as you will not have a clue what is working for you and what not…this applies especially for network marketing today.

Teaching another person what you are doing without having the experience of what is working for you and what  is not would be dishonest and that would certainly not meet with your value of honesty and integrity.

There are many things that can be added to this list, but it is the intent to give you an idea so that you can set your imagination, your vision going.

Study positive and mind lifting material and most of all read about people who have earned themselves a reputation for being just that kind of person and take them as a role model.

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Frieke Karlovits

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    Hi Frieke,

    Values are very important in life as well as in business. As you mention above you attract what you send out. All of the values you mention above are crucial to building a successful business.

    Network Marketing is a ‘team sport.’ We all have different strengths we can contribute to our team.


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