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 Plan Action!


Yet another flashy word, however with a lot of truth to it.

Already the famous German poet, Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe said:

Knowledge ís useless unless you apply it.

A  Plan of action is nothing but knowledge put into action.

Knowledge can be divided into various categories:

  • Generic knowledge
  • General specialised knowlege
  • Specific knowledge

Generic Knowledge:

is knowledge that will be important for all who seek knowledge – it is like the basis, like the ABC that will put you in a place to be able to gain more and also more specialised information.

General Specialised Knowledge:

this will give you the generic information of a special topic – as an example the general knowledge you need to repair cars – any car. this, however, very likely will not give enough to know all the details of a certain brand so you need to proceed to

Specific Knowlege:

this will give you all you need to repair  for instance a Mercedes, or Toyota or which ever brand you specilaise in.

The same structure as in the given example applies to whatever you do in life.

When you are building a network marketing business today your required plan of action will entail things like:

  • Consulting with your sponsors to find out what the requirements of your chosen  business are. Unless you are clear about the required qualifications for making money. Reading what your company provides so that you know all about the real NO NOs that might get you into trouble
  • Learnign about the products you are going to offer – especially the benefits they give people who buy them.
  • Most important – you need to learn all about people. Network marketing today is a peoples business – your main job will be helping people to succeed – as a first step help them with their personal development and their attitude in life and in business, and second to guide them in their frist steps in business, be available for 3-way calls, etc.
  • It is a necessity that you learn all you can about people! It will help you more in this profession than any other knowledge you may acquire.
  • And of course last but not least you have to sit down and make a time schedule every single week where you blank out the times you intend to be using for business and as a second step fill these times with appointment, training sessions, follow ups, etc.

This should give you some general input as to where to start with designing your  plan of action. Do the general things, go into more detail with regards to your company and focus on people.

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    Yet again a wonderful post full of great info. We can have all the knowledge in the world, yet if we do nothing with it except study it and keep it in our minds it changes nothing.

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