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Tip 3




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There are lots of discussions going on about goals – yet it is a necessity to have one.

Doing something without a goal is like driving somewhere without direction what so ever. You need them no matter what you do, but in network marketing today they are the breath of your life and success!

You need to structure your goals:

  • short-term goals
  • medium-term goals
  • long-term goals

Defining goals is the next step after defining your vision.  It is like the recipe to follow.

Short-term goals are needed to keep you on track – e.g. it may be the next rank you want to qualify for if you are in business, it may be the next exam you want to pass when you are at university or doing some training, it may be the weight you want to achieve in a certain period of time if you are on a weight-loss program. In short – it has to be something which you can achieve in a comparatively short period of time.

Medium-term goals need to be defined to give you a perspective that boosts your persistance – something which you want to reach which is of some value – ideally or money wise that needs your focus to work for. However, it should not be so far out that you loose hope of ever getting there. Once you have reached them the big long-term goal will appear doable for you and you will have acquired the strength and the trust to really go for it.

Long-term goals – they are very much in tune with your dream – your vision – they are all you desire and you want in life. they keep you hot and going when you are thinking of them and once you have overcome the challenges of some short and medium-term goals you actually know you will get there – the life of your dreams.

All of this is a process – most people will require support on the way and will appreciate a support background that is sound and solid – a support background of people who are actually there, who are living the life of their dreams. that gives you the conviction that they know what they are talking about as they have done it – achieved it. Mind you – it better be people who are still active in life so that they are also in tune with what is required today!

Make a wise choice – don’t fall for hype, it may not serve you in the long run!

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