How to Get You Started –Tip 2

Tip 2






Why be specific – well, you need to materialise your dream into a vision.  A vision is working for you when you start to go into detail as to what your dream is all about. This is true for any situation in life and it is a must in network marketing today!

Be very clear as to what you want and when you want it.Go into detail in all points. Make the dream livable. Make it real in your rmind and outline as much as you can.

Napoleon Hill says something like – your subconscious mind is as dumb as a box of rocks. It will believe everythig that you specify mixed with the right amount of passion to it. That is where it will start finding ways and means to materialise  – it wil put it out to universe so that opportunities come in that may serve the purpose.

Therefore remember – first dream – next let your dream become a clear vision.

All the best for getting started on creating your life

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Frieke Karlovits

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