How to Get You Started–Tip 1

Tip 1


Yes, dream – you hear it all the time – it is  THE main topic when you decide to create your life. 

Why? Well, have you ever gone on a  holiday without wondering beforehand where to go or perhaps dreaming about a location you have always wanted to visit, to explore? Certainly not – when you start browsing for holiday details you of course need keywords to put into google search otherwise the entire internet will not  be enough to find your solution. Whatever you do – it has to be in your thoughts first.

Children know how to dream – day dreaming is part of their life. Unfortunately most children are taught to let go of day dreaming as part of their programming. Daydreaming is not acceptable by most parent’s standard of what is acceptable or not.  We are supposed to “function” do well in society, at school, at university in our jobs – to express it drastically – to be robots.

Unfortunately this kills creativity and the natural zest for life – no wonder so many try to grasp it  through methods which are totally inadequate – drugs, smoking, sex or any other addictions.

The solution is – re-learn to DREAM! Create your vision of what life should be. Go into detail – see, hear, smell, feel – even be what you want  your life to be.

Daily visualization will help you to establish this rapport and you will experience the amazing power of harnessing your dreams!

Become alive!

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Frieke Karlovits

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