You Do Not Love Sales?

The number of people who claim “not to love sales” is above 90 %. this is an interesting phenomenon, which is especially apparent when you are in network marketing today.

So many people when you as them if they want to supplement or replace their income first of all as: “Is it sales?”.


Let us analyze this phobia a bit closer.

image Of course when you are in a job there are many jobs which are not sales in the forefront. You may be a teacher, a book keeper, a nurse, secretary or whatsoever.

What happens when you start your own business – may be a free lance musician, an author, a teacher who teaches outside school, a carpenter, actor, lawyer …

The moment you start your own business you are automatically in sales – tough sales as you have to sell your own performance.

Of course once you have acquired a reputation you may employ someone who does your sales or you may have an agent or specialists in advertising – but that is at the time when you have overcome the basic struggles of setting up your own business of selling your performance, services, art….

When we look at the success rates of  all those diverse businesses you will find that in any kind of business the failure rates are pretty high – so why is it – one big reason for sure is “none of them like sales” – since they don’t like it they don’t make an effort at becoming professionals at sales. The direct consequence is failure or only moderate business success.

Those who apply themselves and do their own marketing and sales have success.

There is one conclusion – when you start your own business, become  a professional at sales and all that comes with it – the right type of communication, skills with word and handling people, etc. Study the skills which Tom “Big Al” Schreiter teaches – they work!

The very same applies when you start your own network marketing business -   you have to do what is required for success.

You have one benefit, however, in network marketing today – you work in a team, you have people around you who have an active interest in helping you to become successful as their own success depends on your success!

Stop asking “is it sales?” – yes it for sure is sales – acquire the skills you need and you will be in an industry with more benefits than you can imagine to begin with.


Frieke Karlovits

Your Guide to Success

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