Deal with Objections in Network Marketing Today

Do you fear objections? Unfortunately the fear of objections is one of the reasons why so many people in network marketing today  are not taking to the next level.

Let’s face it – it is normal that not everybody you talk to will join   your business. image And it is good that there are so me who say “NO”! Why? Well who would  teach our children, wash our cars, or clean our take care of the shelves in the supermarket or repair our cars, sell them, or in fact any of the other many jobs that need to be done to make life comfortable.  It is a fact of life that not everybody will want to do everything.

However when we look at the people we talk to – there are many who will come up with objections. An objection is basically something that cannot be dealt with . Yet when you look at it from another perspective, an objection can well be a disguised question. And questions of course can be answered. In fact you can take it a bit further –. an objection even shows that somebody you are talking to  has followed what you say, thought about it and in a way shows interest in what you have displayed.

Therefore it is important to learn how to deal with objections.

Rather than parrot like learning various answers to various objections the much better approach will be to create an objections work sheet. Take a piece of paper and write down all the objections you are receiving and in addition write down how you dealt  with them – that way you will very soon have a catalogue of strategies that work and what is more important “that work for you”. You may not feel comfortable with the way I handle objections or your upline handles objections, but by creating that work sheet you can solve the issue in your very own and personal way.

There is one special category of objection – they are the objection you have in your mind, you may fear without having experienced them yet. This having certain objections on your mind prominently may even cause these objections to crop up in your prospect’s mind. They can kind of “feel” them – so better solve these in your mind upfront so that they will not cause  unwanted problems.

In addition to your work sheet it will certainly make sense that you do some roll playing with your team, with your upline or any mixed group of network marketers as it also takes practice “skill” to deal with objections on the spot when they occur. You need to exercise what you have figured out!

Pick up the challenge of objections and you will move forward by leaps and bounds!

Frieke Karlovits

Your Guide to Success

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    Dear Frieke,

    thanks for writing about this topic. Of course, objection is one of the things we are always afraid for. But without risking objection you can’t go forward and become successful. It’s that easy.

    • Reply

      we sure meet up with objections, but can keep them very low by applying good communication skills. Tom “Big Al ” Schreiter is a wonderful trainer for all these topics.

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