Numbers in Network Marketing Today

Lots of people are talking about numbers in network marketing today, however I am not going to the attitude where people say “throw enough dirt on the wall so some will stick” – that’s an  attitude that leaves a lot of burnt soil.

Let’s talk about the professional numbers.

There is absolutely no business where  you cannot set up a statistics as to how the business works and what you achieve.

image Let’s  consider a business with lots of branches all over the world. The headquarters may know that each branch makes a turnover of 4 million dollars. The management decides that they will step up their business volume so what do you think they will do – will they talk to the individual branch managers and tell them that they will have to  increase the business they are doing by 20 % or will they open more branches to achieve their target turnover?

Well, if they will  give pressure to their branches to expand that may have even fatal results As a rule people do not perform when given pressure. So the correct alternative will be to open new branches. Based ont eh numbers they know from the existing branches it will be easy to work out the number of branches they have to open to achieve their target.

As any other business of course network marketing has numbers by which you can go.

The first set of numbers applies to the start up phase. for building a team you will have to talk to people and at the beginning when the skills you require are yet low you may have to talk to  100 people to  find one partner. As your practice and skills increase the ration will change to 1:50, 1:20, 1:10 or even better if you really put your heart into it and become a professional. however, it does not matter at which ratio you  balance out – once you know your ratio, your business becomes very predictable.

You may listen to somebody  is talking  about 25k in volume per month and 2 people and another one about 10k of volume and 10 core people – which would you go for? There are so many network marketers who will go for the big volume as they are thinking of the nice pay check. However when you consider the first general business example it will make a lot of sense to go for the 10 core people as the volume will take care of itself once you have 10 core people. This also applies for desired growth rates in your business.

Make sure you understand the general as well as your own numbers and make sure you learn to create more and more targeted leads and your success is on the highway!

Frieke Karlovits

Your Guide to Success

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