NO in Network Marketing Today

The magical word NO has taken more people out of business than any other word.


In network marketing today it is your job to  connect with people to find out if they have a desire to do something in addition to their job or perhaps even want to become their own boss. In this process receiving NO as a reply is normal

The other day I listened to a CD by Jerry Clark and he brought an excellent example.

Let’s look at a waitress in a restaurant. It is her job to offer ketchup to the people eating at the tables. She goes to the first table “would you like some ketchup?” – yes please, the second table “would you like some ketchup? – no thanks, the third table “would you like some ketchup? – no thanks, the fourth table “would you like some ketchup?yes please………….and it went on like that yes please or no thanks………….

What do you think – did the waitress take the no thanks personally? Sure not – she knew that it was part of her job to offer ketchup to people.

  • So why is it that so many people take NO as a personal offence when they are doing their job at building a network marketing business?

Make sure you understand what you are in for when you are doing this business and  remember the waitress – it will give you a chuckle   each time you get a NO as an answer.

Have fun building a successful network marketing today!


Frieke Karlovits

Your Guide to Success

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    Dear Frieke,

    yes, it’s about going on with asking and doing, no matter what the (first) reaction is. You’ll never know in advance what might come out of a simple question!

    • Reply

      Network Marketing is “screening” – finding out hwat people want, where they want to go and if they are willing to actually work for their goals.

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