Network Marketing Today – Choose Well

One of the core issues in network marketing today is the choice of a business.

To find out more around this topic let’s look at the business model.

Basically you are recommending to others what you like. Constant recommendation will  permit you to grow a substantial business that eventually will give you a residual income.

In this context it is critical that you know which product  groups are suitable for this kind of business model.

It is consumables!


Any other product group will not allow you to build a permanent group of customers who will be happy to buy what you have recommended to them on a regular basis. It you look at any kind of electronics, water filters, health beds, houses or similar things, all of these require you to provide new customers at a regular activity. This in itself is not designed to let you have a residual income ever as you cannot stop your activities without having your business suffer.

Whereas with consumables you can have customers of long standing – I have customers who have been customers for 20 + years and who are happy to connect with me when they have questions or are looking for something.

With this I leave you to digest this basic thought and many of the other important parameters for choosing a business will be discussed another time.

Frieke Karlovits

Your Guide to Success

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