Network Marketing Today – The Solution for YOU?

Do you want a solution or are you happy where you are?

A while back I read a letter sent out by Robert Pauly – I have it in German so I cannot actually quote it here and have to tell you what he said in my own words:

A happy man, let’s call him  Jack, was taking a nice walk in the sunshine. It was a wide pasture yet with a few swampy patches. He enjoyed his outing thoroughly.

 All of a sudden Jacimagek heard someone calling. He followed the voice and came to a big deep hole which was a bit  marshy in its level area. Down there he saw a man calling out for help. When Jack was close enough he talked to the man who was begging for help and finally so Jack grabbed a big branch and put it down the hole like a ladder. The man tried to climb up on it, but some tiny twigs broke so he slipped back – he tried again, came up a bit further and slipped again. Jack suggested he should take his hand once he came up again, yet the man down in the hole sat down and said –I really tried, but it is far too hard for me to get up far enough to grab your hand – just leave me where I am.

Jimageack was a bit sorry for the man in the hole, but he could do nothing but accept. So he walked on. After a little while he again heard a human voice. When he came close he again saw a man in a very similar hole. He was lying on his back on the marshy ground singing a nice tune and enjoying the soft wet surface he ways lying on. When Jack came close he called down to the man if he wanted help to get out of the hole but the man on ly grinned and said – I like it down here. – itIt  is soft and humid and the sunshine is warming me ! -  Jack couldn’t believe his ears, wished the guy a good day and walked on wondering why a person would be happy in a trap like this.

 Sinceimage it was a beautiful day Jack decided to extend he walk a little further. After another  half hour he again hear somebody call out for help. When he came closer it was another man in yet another one of those big marshy holes. Jack called down to him if he needed help and the guy in the hole at once said – of course I want help – I want to get out of here , I don’t like being trapped in a place like that. So Jack reached down with his arm as far as he could and the guy in the hole make a big effort to climb the slithery side of the hole far enough that he could grab the hand and with a big strong effort climb up the wall to the surface.

He thanked Jack for his rescue and Jack and his new companion continued their walk together.

When you look at this story you will realise that it shows you clearly what is happening in network marketing today. When you build a business you will meet up with those who want, but don’t have the stamina to carry on and really make an effort, those who are just happy on their couch a would not move a little finger to improve their situation and those who were waiting for some support to get going and make a big difference in their lives.

As a mentor with a servant’s heart you are called to find out in which category people are and it sure makes no sense to try and drag somebody who is not willing to do what is required.


To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Ryan Biddulph


    Hi Frieke,

    So many want a better way, but can’t see it, or do not think it’s possible for them.

    Awesome story, which shows that we need to reach out and help people who desire only a helping hand to get started.

    Thanks for sharing!


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