"’The Need to Sell Yourself"

I already hear you say – why I thought network marketing today is not about selling but about building people!

It indeed is. However, in order to have people to talk to you need to sell yourself first. You need to give people a reason why they should want to listen to YOU.


No matter what you are selling – even if you are selling yourself, you  need to bear in mind that conventional sales techniques:

  • Are not effective for most Network Marketers
  • They cause the objections and rejection which are “unfun” for Network Marketers
  • They are one of the reasons for the high attrition rates of team members and customers.

To help you change this situation and learn strategies that work Michael Oliver has created the “natural selling technique”. This is the first of a series of blogs that will deal with this technique.

The Way You Think and Communicate Will Determine The Way People Respond To You – this matches the teachings of the Law of Attraction and it is again and again surprising how good advice keeps boiling down to the same essence.

Ask yourself this.  What is the greatest fear you might have that could hold you back from talking with people about your income opportunity or products?
If you are like most it will be the fear of rejection and objections and the anxiety that comes with that.

It is in fact this underlying fear that  holds people you back at a much earlier stage – the stage of selling themselves. You know that once people connect with you you are in the position that you need to present and you dread that for fear of rejection.

There are two types of rejection:

1. The blunt  "Not interested" and

2. Someone has looked at your offer and finds it doesn’t really fit what they need.

Since your thought pattern will be reflected in the way people respond to you – may be you get the second objection in response to your own anxiety?

Investigating underlying “mechanisms” in non verbal communication may help modifying the way you do things. people always make choices that meet their  visions and needs. This is reflected in the frequent question “What’s in it for me”.

Therefore it is a basic necessity to listen to the person you are talking with. If they have a need for money it should be investigated why and how they arrived at the place they are right now. If this is neglected and a presentation is forced on them like “fire hosing” them they very likely will be put off. Instead you need to  show them how the solution you have in mind might work for them, by prompting things they might know, expanding  a little so that their knowledge can expand and then let them arrive at their own conclusions.

This again meets the general knowledge that “people like to buy but don’t like being sold. Nobody wants to be a “number” in your “numbers game”!

These things apply likewise if you are selling yourself or if you are promoting your network marketing opportunity.

Stay tuned for more!

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