Network Marketing Today – How to Fire Your Boss

The idea of getting rid of the boss fires up many people nowadays so that they get started in network marketing today.


Network marketing today has one big ADVANTAGE and one big DISADVANTAGE.

Advantage:         You are your own boss.

Disadvantage:    You are your own boss.


Let me get into this a little more detailed.

When you decide to start up a conventional business – shoe shop. Mc.Donald’s franchise or whatever – you as a rule have to make quite a big investment, 10 thousand dollars and more, before you even start. Furthermore you will have to give up your job.

Both of these facts together get you in a place where you have no choice – you have to work and you will have to work a lot to pay back your loan and to make at least a basic living. It will likely take you 10 years or perhaps more to pay back your investment and with a bit of luck you may end up with a fair net income after that – let’s say something like 30 or 40k a year.

When you decide to get into network marketing today your start up investment will be roughly between 30 and 1000 dollars max. That by comparison is peanuts. And, what’s more, you don’t have to give up your job – so you stay in a place where you can pay your bills as usual.

Seeing this  situation it takes a rock solid WHY so that you get down to work diligently at your business. As in any other business you will have to face all sorts of challenges – one of them is dealing with lots of NOs – it is not easy emotionally not to perceive this as rejection of yourself. In fact it is not a rejection of yourself, but a no to the offer you have put out. It is normal _ not everyone wants to become a nurse, a teacher, lawyer, carpenter or whatever.

The critical balance between success and failure in this network marketing business will be your


This applies to everyone and that is the reason why it is so critical that you work on the WHY of your people – help them find the reason why they should put up with the extra work and the challenges they are facing.

Due to the difference in financial investment it is much easier to quit network marketing today that a conventional business that you started and yet the number of people who quit a conventional business they have started is nearly as  high as in network marketing today. Only the loss is far bigger.

Therefore – if you want to fire your boss, be aware that “being your own boss” is as much an advantage as it is a disadvantage.

Cement your WHY and do your work diligently in a fostering environment with a company that is designed in accordance with high ethical values and you will never regret your decision.

Grow and have fun!

Frieke Karlovits

Your Guide to Success

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