Choice, or “What You Choose to Think"


Do you think it is unfair that everything that happens in your life is your choice?

Well, much of it does not happen on a conscious level.

What we choose to think  is to a large extent programmed by the way we were brought up, by your environment, the media and more. You may end up with a “belief pattern” that is highly destructive to your dreams and ideas of who and what you want to be in life.

When you decide that you want to do your own business this factor becomes increasingly important as the world reflects to you “who you are” – especially in a business which is all about people, like network marketing today, this can decided between success and failure.

image For those who want to succeed:

There is a solution. You can reprogram your mind and get rid of whatever does not serve you. The first step is the acceptance that you and only you are the master of your life.

Working with people may help this process. Very often things can be seen a lot clearer in others and if the new state of acceptance leads you to reflect on what you see in another and to check if it rings true for yourself as well, well, then you are on the road to owning your life.

When working with others communication is a key topic. Communication is a skill and can be learned and honed. So let’s discuss a few points.

Most people have their very own reason for what they are doing and why they are doing it and of course they are looking for solutions for their unsolved topics. Only most people do not like “to be told” either. Very often they do not even like “to be told” when they ask for help.

The skill to impart information to them would be to let them speak and tell you all about them, their whys and dreams and reasons. As a helpful guide the right way to deal with them is to give them bits of info here and there in such a way that they eventually reach their own conclusions and “buy” what you imparted to them.

Such an approach builds trust and respect for each other and creates relationships which as a rule are lasting relationships.

It does not really matter if you are talking to customers to be or to business partners to be – it is this built up trust and respect for each other which will create results.

The natural law of giving works. What you give you get.

You give kindness and real support and you will get a real relationship.

You give “I told you so” and “closing of people” and you will get objections, rejection or even aggression.

Which do you want?

Choose the best for your life you can imagine right now.

Stay tuned for  more!


Frieke Karlovits

Your Guide to Success

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  1. Akos Fintor


    Hello Frieke,

    So true, whatever you put out, comes right back; well…that’s how the Universe works after all.

    great post!

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