"The Secret for Success in Network Marketing Today"

Today I’d like to share a personal experience in my early days in network marketing.

Looking back 20+ years at the time when I first met up with MLM in Austria and was thrilled with what I saw I can only wonder.

In those day “positive thinking” and personal development as we know it today were only in baby shoes in this area.image

Since at the time I joined MLM I had been a successful entrepreneur in my study field for some 15 years I was sure that network marketing would not present a problem provided the work was done diligently. I started out and did a thorough job and achieved …….. no progress……Hm….

Meeting with other folks at weekly meetings I of course wanted to find out what was still missing in my work schedule and to my big chagrin all that was being discussed were personal development issues. Things like “dream your vision and work on it, you attract what you send out and more – all those things which are being discussed on a large scale nowadays, which are being investigated and propagated in considerable detail in books like “The Secret”.

In those days I could not understand at all, but fact was, those who obviously were into those matters succeeded in building their business and I didn’t.

Eventually, years later “I got it” and once that happened my business grew miraculously.

Therefore you can conclude that personal development, attitude, and willingness to work on these issues are the big secret for success in network marketing today just as much as it was in those days.

Don’t hesitate to step on this path – the time is well spend and the rewards will be incredible.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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