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“Show me the money” – a very important question in network marketing today.


A high percentage of people are susceptible to hype  and unfortunately that’s how many of them get into network marketing.

You may perhaps sit in a presentation and the speaker explains all the maths on the commission plan – great!

Next you sit at home and look at your bonus check and you cannot understand why it is so small.

There is a huge difference between the maths of a bonus plan and the actual way it works in combination with the policies and procedures and all the rules which need to be observed for qualification.

We call it “the hoops you need to jump through”

So when you are listening to a presentation a very legitimate question will be: “How many people do I need for a 10k walk away residual income a month”

There is a big likelihood that even the presenter will have not a clue what this number is and consequently he will either evade and  jump to other topics of he may tell you straight that he will have to work it out.

You definitely need this number as it is kind of qualifying the performance of the commission plan.

Lesson learned: Maths and  Hype are no adequate advisors when it comes to choosing a network marketing business!

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Frieke Karlovits

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