If Not Network Marketing – ‘What?


Network Marketing Today – when you  make the effort of learning this trade well is the solution for a life in freedom and abundance.

You hear it right – it is a trade that you have to learn and you have to learn it well. It requires a bunch of communication skills, but in today’s world also a bunch of internet skills.

AND – you are self employed in it, which is your benefit as much as it may be your curse.

To make the most of it you have to develop into the person you need to be: self loving, caring communicator who will listen at least twice as much as speak. It is the trusting relationship you create with people that will take you far.

In addition you have to provide your own working schedule and stick to it no matter what. There are many distractions in life at home that may take your time and since you are self employed you need to be careful that you are not carried away. Time is racing and the tasks you have missed out on are missed out on.

For me it is freedom to be able to work in the early mornings or at night so that I can make the most of being outside working in my garden which is my passion. However, it takes dedication to sit down at the pc for work after a long and tiring day out.

There is this cynical statement: “tomorrow I will do this or that” or “tomorrow I will start my diet” – that’s the kind of attitude that will get you nowhere. It will create nothing and you will not make a good role model for the people who are watching you.

Attention – people are watching you – your team will be watching you closely and unless you give them a good example what ever unproductive example you give them will spread in your group like wild fire.

This is what I mean when I say “curse”. 

The conclusion is: do your homework well, establish a lifestyle that you want to set up as a role model for your team and help them learn and grow and you will agree:

If Not Network Marketing – What?

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Reply

    Isn’t it funny how people think that they can just dive right into networking without learning any skills. They probably didn’t think that when they had the notion to become a doctor, lawyer or receptionist….all require schooling and skills. So does network marketing.

    Nice article keep the good info flowing.


    • Reply

      It is indeed amazing, Darlene. Hopefully there will be a time soon when it is generally recognised that MLM is a business that requires training :) – We give it to people anyways and as in any kind of profession there are some who simply do not get it :)
      Frieke Karlovits

  2. Reply

    Wow. Just good topic to read, discuss and understand. Learning skills is the most important factor for success in network marketing. It is so important to find a Mentor who will guide you step by step to the right direction and help you to become a leader. In this way I love this industry:)

    • Reply

      thank you Marjaana – you are so right – it is a give and take – every single person can take something and give something and dthat creates common grwoth.
      Frieke Karlovits

  3. Peggy Polonus


    So true about training, yet while the “teacher” may have the “goods”, the student has to show up for class.

    • Reply

      So true Peggy – there are two sides – one “once the student is ready the teacher will appear and second as you say – a student actually has to want the information!
      Thanks for your input!

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