You Got Two Ears and a Mouth to Keep Shut

Is this  provocation?

No!    You need to listen! image             

This is the first rule in network marketing today!

Our loud and media dominated world listening to another person  has been lost or nearly lost.

People are lonely even in a crowd – nobody is interested any more  to listen to the joys and sorrows of another person – they are far to busy rushing through life catching – what? Mostly they don’t even know what they are after. Everyday life is eating them up.

Make a difference. Look someone in the eye and listen to what they have to say – listen without adding anything in your thought or without interfering. Listen till they have finished. They might go a totally different trail in their expression than you would have expected.

Having been honoured in such a way they will automatically want to know about you.

This kind of heart to heart communication is the foundation for trust and friendship.

Listening without an agenda and then proceeding to the advantage of the one who has confided in you – again without an agenda will set you off as a leader of a special kind.

You will grow as a person and you will build friendships and  business partners who are friends and who will stick with you anyways.

Make it an extraordinary trip. It is worth it. Be the leader you are intended to be.


Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with a Servant’s Heart.

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  1. Gray Lawrence


    excellent utube comment i need to do this as you promte yourself well. thanks

  2. Reply

    Frieke this is so common today isn’t it. No one takes the time to really just sit with some and listen…Listen till they have finished. It is amazing what you will hear another say when you open your ears and close your mouth.

    Thank you for this post


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