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As early as 1937 Napoleon Hill wrote his “Think and Grow Rich”. It contains everything you need for creating success in life and business.

The title link leads you to the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

This topic was laid down even before then and many times afterwards, the most famous right now being “The Secret” which has become a world wide best seller.

So why is it with all that evidence of knowledge laid down in writing that there are still so many struggling to achieve success?

To be able to accept information laid down in books you need to take a close look at yourself. Everyone has received a basic programming when growing up. Most of it happened without conscious application of knowledge but just as a matter of habit, culture and environment.

We consider our basic programming “normal” and very often look at others who received a different kind of programming as “not normal”. It very likely is this fact that makes it so hard to start a process of “re-programming” in order to eventually change our lives. The basis is that we finally reach the conclusion that the programming we received does not serve us, that is stops us from where we want to go.

It is in the industry of network marketing today that these facts show up drastically.

Anyone who had success in a normal job and is starting a network marketing business has a hard time accepting that the same amount of dedicated work as was done in the job gives no to low results in building a network marketing business.

Many simply “run” and conclude that this industry simple is nothing for them. However, this is not true. It is in MLM where the “Law of Attraction” comes in fully. You achieve that which is in tune with your mindset. If you are not money minded, for instance, money will elude you. There is this observation that it is those who win who already have a lot – of course – it is law of attraction: like meets like!

To achieve long-term success in network marketing today personal development is a MUST. In order to achieve more you have to become more.

Personal development may be a lot easier if you join a mastermind group of like minded people and follow the process.

In the one I love we study Think and Grow Rich on a weekly basis. If you decide to join in and do your scheduled contributions and exercises week after week you will be surprised how much you grow in a comparatively short time. It helps  you with re-programming your mind, getting rid of outdated thought patterns which no longer serve you and integrate thoughts which will attract success – in private life as well as in business.

Doing this on a regular basis together with the training you receive in mentoring for free you will be heading for outstanding success and even be able to leave a legacy for your family.

To Your Outstanding Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    Hi Frieke,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. Marketing is all about how confident you are about the product and in which manner you introduce it. Personal development without a doubt benefit in network marketing.

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