Attitude – Success Formula for Network Marketing Today


There is this big contrast between some people who seem to be having massive success in network marketing today and the others who keep struggling in spite of lots of effort.

The difference between them is attitude!

Just recently I made a YouTube on attitude where I sum up about it – you might want to check it out.

Attitude is a personal quality which  to a large extent is programmed by our environment from early childhood onwards. However, once we grow up we have it in our hands to replace those parts of our basic programming which we find do not serve our purpose in life.

Attitude can be “re-programmed” too. It is a process you cannot do it by pressing a button, but once you are alerted to the need of it and you actually want it you can do it.

The first step will be to spot the bits you want to change. Are you perhaps one of those people who in a conversation with others find it easy to agree on the surface by saying “yes, BUT”? I give you an example. I show you a way how to create leads in network marketing today. You listen carefully and then you reply: Yes, I perfectly understand where you are coming from, but don’t you think I could do it that and that way? Hm – as a matter if fact you have only humored me,  however, you  have said NO between the lines.

This kind of attitude is not very obvious and most people will consider it charming behaviour and  interaction, yet it is limiting. It limits your willingness of being coachable. Does this serve you? Certainly not!

Once you are alerted to the topic you will start noticing it when you are interacting. At first perhaps a little annoyed, then over time you will grin and know you have “caught yourself” once again in the old pattern. You will start noticing the same behaviour in many others and eventually you will stop it.

Wow – you have grown! Spot the next handicap in your programming and start working on it.

You may say this is hard – yes, may be it is, but it is very well worth your time.

If you are willing to accept support in this venture find yourself a mastermind group of like-minded people.Your progress will be a lot faster and it will be more fun to share and learn, as you won’t feel alone in the desert with a task which is a challenge.

The best thing, if you are stepping into this process because you want to have success at network marketing, would be to join a mastermind group of network marketers – that will cover two topics in one stroke. You will grow and you can improve other skills at the same time, no matter in which business you are.

To Your Attitude of Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor with A Servant’s Heart

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