Select Your Company Wisely


“Select your company wisely” – I like the pun in this title.

We have spoken a lot about what to bear in mind when you choose the company you intend to work with. when you are intending to have success in a network marketing business today,  what to watch out for and what to avoid.

It is interesting that the same topics always apply to many areas of life.

Let me tell you the story of

The Donkey Who was Tested:

A man bought a donkey, however, he arranged for a trial period with the seller. He took the donkey and walked with it to his farm. When they arrived he let the donkey loose to see what the animal would do.

There were already several donkey running around in the farm yard and as soon as the new donkey was loose he trotted around and chose to join the fattest and laziest of the donkeys on the yard at its feeding place.

When the farmer saw this he immediately put the cord around the donkey’s neck again and walked it back to its owner. The owner was surprised and couldn’t understand how the farmer could have tested the donkey that quickly.

The farmer told him that he had seen enough: “Considering the  company he chose he must be quite a bad guy” he replied.

This story is quite significant also in the human realm. You will surely know that

  • people over time earn about the same as the average of their 5 closest buddies, or
  • we all try to keep our children away from the influence of bad company,
  • we try ourselves to stay away from totally negative people
  • we will feel pulled down by evil gossip

This states only a few points, but shows clearly that this story holds a lot of truth.

Especially when striving for success at building a network marketing business today the human factor is of major importance. You need the positive support of like minded people and lots of input for your personal growth like water and air.

To Your Wise Choice

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Colleen Furniss


    I can’t agree more Frieke. There were a few people in my life that were always negative and liked to gossip. Once I removed them from my inner circle it was like a weight was lifted. It took me years to understand that other’s people emotions can affect my personal and professional life so dramatically. Thanks for sharing.

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