The Courage of Being Free with Network Marketing Today


What is your definition of freedom?

Give me your feedback!

Mine is to  be able to do:

  •    What I want to do,
  •    When I want to do it and
  •    Without monetary limits.

It may seem like having the focus on money only – certainly not! However so many worthy things in life can only be effected with adequate funds.

Look at health:

Yes I understand what you mean – good health cannot be bought by money. I agree -  not in the direct understanding. However, enough money does have a direct connection with health.

If you can buy excellent food, supplements, spa recreation, long holidays, etc. because you can afford it you are far more likely to maintain your good health for a very long time.

Being free of worry is another topic when it comes to good health.

  • Worry is inclined to make people sick over time.
  • Worry of not knowing how to pay your bills,
  • Worry of loosing your job,
  • Worry of being overworked to make it all happen,
    to list but a few.

Network marketing today is designed to give you a chance for freedom.

  • Does it happen on auto-pilot? NO.
  • Does it happen with just anything? NO.
  • Does it happen in total ignorance? NO.

To gain your freedom by building a network marketing business today you will have to get educated – not by the company you might have fallen love with, but in a generic manner so that you will learn all the MUSTs and NOs of the industry.

There is too much out that will not serve you. There are too many out who will only look after their own gain, whereas the basis for true success is:

You need to give before you take.

This is a paradigm which many find hard in today’s world where everything is supposed to “happen right now”.

Building a network marketing business is very much like cultivating plants:

You need to sew, then water the seeds so that they eventually will germinate and then you have to nourish the tender seedling so that they can grow and gain strength.

If you subject them to a hailstorm or to power hosing you’ll not like be in for a harvest. Let this be your directive when you are looking at how to build a long-term lasting network marketing business.

Look to find the right seeds and follow the process.

The results will be so rewarding that you will never be sorry you did what you did. Be prepared to meet up with some “bad weather “in the process and like you would cover up tender plants resort to connect with your mastermind team to get protection, support and encouragement.,


To Your Courageous Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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  1. Mark Sturgell CBC


    Freedom is the product (choices) I have as a result of the influence I gain when I seek responsibility.

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