Are YOU Yearning For Success in Network Marketing Today?


Are you feeling your success is as far away as the stars – you can barely see it with a telescope?

Let’s sum up a few points which you will find in more detail in some other posts on my blog.

It is a very frequent situation that  people are having a hard time helping themselves, even though they might be good at giving advice to others.

What does this imply – if you belong to that category you are constantly having your focus on others and not on what matters to you. You don’t give yourself credit by looking at yourself and actually asking yourself:

“what do I want from life” “where do I want to go” “what are my dreams and my goals”?

It might be an idea that you sit down and delve deep down to yourself to find out if you have an issue of self worth – that perhaps you feel you don’t deserve abundance in life! If there is a likelihood that you are suffering of lack of self worth you can work as hard as you please you will never really make it or if you do you will not be content as you will still believe that you are “not there yet”. You may end up a “driven” personality, who is constantly searching and running!

Let this be your first and foremost quest: Am I giving myself credit and do I have self worth, a feeling that I deserve all the good there can be in my life?

You may want support with this issues. It happens very often that we have become masters at hiding such issues from ourselves. There is this Forum where you can go and simply read and study what others have to say in this context, or you can  register and participate. It may change your view of yourself and propel you on the road of personal growth and allowing abundance in your life.

Let me know what you think and what results you are getting over time.

Once you have embarked on this road of personal development the obstacles that stop you from achieving success in building your network marketing business today will disappear!

To Your Personal Growth and Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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