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Make a Vision Board !

You are not sure how to make a vision board?

  • One that actually works?
  • One that helps you manifest your dreams, your visions?
  • One that will speed up the process of achieving your goals?

Do you wonder what to put on such a board that your dreams come to life?

This is really easy. Simply put anything on it which reminds you of your dream, of your vision. Making a vision board is an anchor to continuously reminding you of your vision, your goal. It is important that you place it somewhere where you constantly see it – consciously and also subconsciously. It is the constant input and the emotions it creates in you that will “create” and draw your vision into life.

If your big dream is to retire early on a residual income then make a graphic of your network marketing organisation and put it up. Put in the pictures of the key people you already have in place – if you are just starting, make precise descriptions of the people you want to attract. You will be surprised how it works!

  • There may be some vision boards which get a bit crammed at times. It may be an idea to clear yours up once in a while and structure it so that you have your priorities set well.
  • Making a vision board is a personal experience – you need to work with it and amend it as you grow as a person. Have your priorities there, so that the goals are clear and obvious, and add some details that might be important for the “journey” to get there. Don’t put several layers of information on – only what you can see straight on.
  • As an alternative you might be making one board per goal, especially if the goals are very different from each other and not leading to one end. Which ever way you choose to go – make sure it makes you feel good and you have fun preparing them.

Making a vision board is a very effective and useful tool to achieve your dreams your goals – not only for having success at building your network marketing business today, but for for every other business and personal venture too. Use this tool for your success!

To Your Vision of Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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