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How to use keywords for better results and to even give you ideas for blogging is valuable input for everyone who blogs on a regular basis as a marketing strategy for building a network marketing business today successfully .

We have spoken as to how to find core keywords on which to focus so that the search properties of your blog will eventually get you to the first page of google for the search on that term.

There is another free too on google that will help you determine which additional words google crawlers would like in your blog so that it will be considered of value in your particular niche.

This particular program is called Google Sets.

When you go to that site and put in your strategic key words and a few more that fit in your niche you have a choice of clicking either “big set” or “small set”.

The big set will give you about 50 keywords that google considers as associated with your core keywords and accordingly with your topic. The small set gives you up to 15 of such words.

  • Of course it is wise to use a fair percentage of these words in your blogs. That way you optimize the likelihood of being considered an expert in your niche.
  • Don’t be put off by the time required for doing your keyword research well. It is certainly worth while the effort.

There is a lot more detail to this information which certainly exceeds the volume of a blog, but at least you have a general idea of how to proceed. If you want more detail and perhaps even want to ask questions on t his topic or others I suggest you join into the Free Training we offer. Good training is a good share of the work you need to do, in any kind of business and especially in network marketing today.

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