You Are What You Think!



Thoughts Determine Who You Are.

In everyday life as well as in network marketing today this statement is valid.

In everyday life you will be seen as friendly or grumpy, helpful or self centered,  wise or dumb, and what ever it is it is the result of your thoughts. If you can live with the image you have created for yourself, fine.

In network marketing today you are also whatever your thoughts make you. Only in this business it is an  absolute necessity to work on yourself.

Working on yourself means working on your thought patterns. You require a mastermind team of well meaning people to support you in this complex venture.

As a rule we are so used to “who we are” that it takes input from outside to get our thoughts going in a different direction, to reach that point where we have that life changing AHA-moment that will brake the old rut and makes us start on a different path.

Why is is particularly important in network marketing today? Well, it is a business of people helping people and those who are searching for support are looking for role models they want to follow. Accordingly you need to become the person who you want to be in business with. Yes, as you will then be the person also others will want to be in business with.

So many people try to advertise their business in the most colourful way, yet in fact people do not follow a business they follow you. they follow “who you are”. They follow the role model they want to become.

The logic is clear. If you want to become a first rate race driver you will want to be coached by one. If you want to become a highly reputed musician, you will have to learn from the best. And of course – if you want to become successful in network marketing today you need to follow the person who is doing it successfully and in the way that appeals to you.

To Your Thoughtful Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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