Network Marketing Today – Are You a Team Player?



The importance of being a team player is particularly hot when it comes to rock climbing in some high up mountain areas – may it be the Himalayan, the Alps or where ever.

When you look at the picture on the left you can very well imagine that a team like this will be as strong as its weakest member. All of them have to make sure that the weakest member is being heard, as the success of the tour will depend on the performance of this weakest team member.

A business like network marketing today is very closely related as far as the interaction and the success of the team is concerned.

It is those who come in new, who are like new born babies in this MLM industry, who need all the support they can get  so that they can have success in building their network marketing business.

They need to understand, then need to learn, they need to make money, they need to be “seen” and recognised.  This is what “makes” the entire organisation and consequently the reputation of the company.

In rock climbing, if the weakest team member is not supported – let’s assume it is the red on in this picture,  the ones behind him will drop or may be even the ones above him if he grabs and clings. Absolute trust and support are a MUST!

In network marketing today very much the same will happen. If the newcomers are not supported well and earn money, they will spread the bad reputation and eventually it will affect everybody in that team, organisation and company. After all bad reputation spreads like wild fire.

Apart from checking out all the technical details of a company it is therefore good to also  “listen” to what is being spread about the actions taken by a company and a team. It is another parameter which simply needs to be right when you choose a network marketing business opportunity today.

To Your Well-chosen Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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