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Smart work – there is no doubt that we have to be dedicated to whatever we do. However the old perception that hard work is giving you the income you dream of has not proved valid. Just look around you how many people are working hard and try to even work harder – it is the rare person who will make an excellent income that way.

It is the concept of “work smarter not harder” that creates success stories. A very recent example is the creator of facebook. It was an idea and of course the guys dedicated their time and effort – but it was the idea which actually was the key factor.

There is no doubt – as an employee you cannot make the kind of money as you can make when you run your own business. Why? It is very obvious. Those who employ you use your work force to make money themselves and a small share of it is your wages! They are the ones who have had the idea, who have had the courage and the gut to create a business. They for sure have a vision why they are doing it.

Do they need all the specialised knowledge that is required in their business? Nope – all they need to know is where they can “hire” or “buy” it. They hire people like you and many others who are hanging out and waiting to get a JOB [Just Over Broke]. People who have the false illusion that a job breathes security.

Where is this security? Would you mind explaining it to me?


  • If you come to the conclusion that it is time to start working smarter instead of harder there is one thing you need to bear in mind: After having created your vision of where you want to go in life make sure you get educated. Especially if you intend starting a business online. You do not have a formal education that will meet the requirements for such a business!
  • No matter what you intend to do – you will need marketing and you will have to learn to do it in the state-of-the-art way. But you may also want to learn which kind of business will be the right vehicle to let you realise your vision – your dream. Make sure you avoid the pitfalls which are around on the internet.
  • You certainly better not build a business which keeps you tied down to working constantly day after day so that success is permanent. You need a business where you can duplicate your efforts instead of exchanging time for money.

The concept of network marketing today is for sure one of the very big chances to make it in business online. To have success and to have the time after a certain period of growth, the time that will permit you to live a life you now probably can only dream of.

Make sure you start working smarter not harder – get informed.

To Your Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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