Skillful Communication in Network Marketing Today



Communication skills are an absolute MUST in network marketing today. After all  you are working with people from many different walks of life.

Unless you have a good grasp of how to interact your success in building your network marketing business will be down at zero.

First of all you need to meet people where they actually are and you do not want to create a situation where confrontation is the first result you trigger. You want a smooth discussion with mutual understanding so that you lay the basis for work.

Some points to help you  start out:

  • Pay attention to the situation as it develops
  • Hear what  the person is saying and show respect
  • Keep your enthusiasm in check – less may well be more
  • Stay calm and don’t be pushy
  • Listen to what the person is saying
  • Guide  them so that they reach their conclusions themselves

Paying attention to what a person is saying or how they act as per body language will give you a clue if that person is comfortable in your company and in the conversation or if the time is right for them to enter into a deeper conversation.

When you hear and recognise what somebody is saying you get some information that will help you in your argument and that person feels lifted up as a result of your interest.

When you pour all your enthusiasm about your business opportunity over them they will likely pull back as in most cases people are uninformed about network marketing today or perhaps even have a biased opinion which needs to be dispersed.

A calm conversation without pushiness or rash arguments will help open up your partner in conversation and they will feel “normal” and be less on guard. Many people have had too many experiences of the other kind which they didn’t like at all.

When you listen without an agenda you will be able to find out the reason why somebody is looking for a business – their goals they want to achieve

People have to come to their own conclusions – if you try to convince them you set them up for opposition as a rule. People do not want to be persuaded or even brainwashed – so show the facts and let them draw their own conclusions.

This summary is just the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to communication skills – this applies not only for network marketing today but also for every other situation in life where discussions, conversations or even negotiations need to be conducted between people.

To Your Communicative Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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