How To Build Self-confidence Part 2


Let Go of Insecurity!

Insecurity in a way is the reverse side of self-confidence.

There are various ways to cover up insecurity. Some people are particularly aggressive, others are very messy and will tell you that “people who are tidy are too lazy to search for what they need” and many other showy things.

If you are the messy type who has chaos on the desk, the shelves and else where, a couple of very effective tip would be to:

  • Decide to tidy up. Do a thorough clear up of all the mess around and put everything into place. You will immediately feel like having become a different person.
  • Working through accumulated backlog of any kind, getting up-to-date with matters which you kept pushing on day after day or even years will create wonders in your perception of self.

Having accomplished two big tasks are two very tangible things. They make success at what you were doing visible and give you a new start.

Never forget that in network marketing today you are the role model for your business partners.

You may say – nobody can see your mess at home when you are working on the net. In a way you are right, however, the change it will create in YOU that having cleared a couple of things that kept weighing you down will be pronounced!

The attraction you are radiating will change drastically and consecutive success at building your business will manifest it.

So follow the Asian concept 

– Inside Like Outside –

get your Outside cleared and your Inside will automatically follow suit!

To Your Tidy Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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