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In Network Marketing Today when worked online lots of people are side tracked by offers of quick cash – but

Quick Cash = Quick Crash

no more no less. Well perhaps at times even less as many of these offers are invalid.

Such an offer may side-track people to such an extent that they even loose sight of their dream. As a normal person with the heart in the right place you likely can’t sleep when you know very well that you  have stolen someone’s dream. So you won’t do it. But there are those who do not have this kind of awareness.

Unlike a job, which in a way is quick cash  too, as you exchange your time for money, network marketing is a business. It is a business that can pay you and your children and children’s children for the rest of their lives, –provided you choose the right company – a "5 Pillars" company. There is more on 5 pillars on my blog and of course even more in the Free Training we offer.

Too many people think they need to "build it fast". It in a way seems to be a handicap of societies today that all needs to be fast, fast, fast!

The other day I talked with a guy – he is in a binary and told me that he was placed in a spot where he has already 700 people down one leg. Well, excellent, but he was “not yet” making any money!

“Newbies” as a rule don’t understand that they are not being paid on the strong leg in a binary plan! A binary plan pays on the week leg and that is the one he will have to build himself!

Unfortunately people are blinded by that hype with the strong leg and they sign up and  as a rule it takes them a while or even longer to understand how such a plan works and how much of their effort goes down the drain!

Don’t fall for scams. Make sure you choose well and build long-term!
That is the way to achieve success in
network marketing today.

To Your Long-term Success,

Frieke Karlovits
A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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