Organized Flexibility in Network Marketing Today


“Organized Flexibility”    is this a fit or a contradiction?

 For me it is a perfect fit.

In network marketing today it is a necessity to be organized, to be  working according to your plans provided you want to achieve your goal  in the set time. 

However,  consider a successful network marketing business that grows well:

After a starting phase your organization will grow continuously. That means change is happening on a regular basis. And of course new team partners will connect with you likely on a daily basis. That is good as you don’t want to be one of those leaders who are aloof and not willing to speak to the team unless they contact you according to the set procedure of going through the hierarchy.

You want to be a leader who is there for the team and who is willing to connect and to nurture and support – a leader with a servant’s heart!

So what happens when you have a perfectly organized day – are you capable of shuffling your daily routines to that extent that people can connect with you on the phone or on the chat or is your set-up rigid and without space so that your team members need kind of a “written application” so that you give them an appointment some where distant which may bring them to a stand still in their efforts to design a good work routine for themselves?

Of course you need to make some schedule for calling in team members – you might be on a coaching call or a 3-way call with some other guys, yet having a couple of times a day which are designed to have team members call in, that would be a necessity. I say a couple of times as you might be having team members in many parts of the world, so that one timing might prove to be totally inadequate.

Most good network marketing companies today are open in many countries around the globe so a global approach is inevitable.

To facilitate this organized flexibility it might be an idea that you put your scheduled “call-in times” on your main hub – may this be your blog or a home page or your skype profile – as long as people know where to find it without effort it will be ok.

Such an approach is not only good for you, but it will also

  • set an example for your team and
  • that again will have a very beneficial effect on the co-operation of the entire team as well as on the flow of information,
  • the trust between all of them and it will alleviate the stress of new people who come into your business, as they can find out quickly who might be available at which time.
  • This boosts the flow of constructive work in a network marketing organization today and consequently your success at building your network marketing business today.

To Your Flexible and Organized  Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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