Network Marketing Today – Mistakes some Leaders Make



 Mistakes? This sounds terrible!

You will meet up with it again and again that some  heavy hitters tell their downlines that they definitely need to change. They  tell these newbies to get out and moving to sell the product.

This statement in itself needs to make you alert. Network marketing to day certainly is no selling business. It is  business of “building people”

We tell you that YOU are perfect as you are. Everybody is perfect in their own way. There is no need to change and become a sales person! It wouldn’t make sense, especially when you know that ninety-two percent of all people absolutely dislike these aggressive and pushy sales people.

  • Shopping has become an outing. People wander through malls, look and check what they can find, sometimes even take several visits to various places until they make up their mind. They definitely want to “buy” and not be sold. So why on earth should you want to become a pushy sales person?
  • Now the story is totally different when you need some information. when you need someone who is knowledgeable about the thing you want to buy. May be you want to buy a camcorder or a new TV and you want to know all the different features. In such a case it may well happen that in a mall you are looking in vain for a person who will be able to give you a professional reply or even a recommendation as to what to get best.

Recommendation is one of the magic words in network marketing today. It is not “go out and sell” as some of those heavy hitter type leaders proclaim, but recommend. You have been doing this all your life anyways – from early childhood onwards. So with some additional skills at communication and  some personal growth you will be able to pickup a check for what you have been doing all your life.

Fortunately the number of leaders is small who proclaim selling as well as making a list of family and friends to persuade them to join you in your network marketing business. These approaches don’t work. Someone who is not a sales person will not become one and family members are very poor prospects.

Instead look out for a system that helps you create a steady stream of prospects who are wanting to talk with you, who will be happy to get trained and supported.

Once you have created success in your network marketing business then friends and family will suddenly come round and perhaps even applaud you and tell others that they had always known you were meant for something better. Some may even join you in your network marketing business at that stage hoping that they will also be supported to achieve success as yours. What a joke!

Don’t listen to the wrong kind of advice! You are perfect the way you are!

To Your Perfect Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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