Who Is Your Miracle Team Partner – YOU?


In Network Marketing Today it is an open secret that to achieve more you have to become more.

Of course every single person who is building a network marketing business has an idea about which kind of business partners they really want: They sure want the persistent and clever person who is making contacts easy and who will get many partners and customers in very quickly.

So if we know what we want, why does it mostly take time to actually achieve it?

We all keep talking about the law of attraction, of personal development, of learning the right skills, etc

However there is one key question you will have to ask yourself in this context:

Would I Like to Be in Business With Myself?

  • Yes, this is correct and the question is not easy to deal with. You need to take a hard look at yourself, not through any soft-focus lense,  but straight and true. Look yourself in the mirror and look into your eyes and ask yourself that question: Would I like to be in business with myself.
  • Consider it point for point – why should people want to be in business with you? Make note of your strengths and weaknesses – not so much professionally, but as the person who you are. It it tough? Yes, may be it is, but it is a very good way to assess what is happening around you.
  • After you have found out who you are and  who you want to be, start working on yourself. It is a personal decision you need to take and it will be very much worth while. As a result the world around you will change.

It is a fact in the industry of network marketing, that people do not join your opportunity – people join you! They join you because they want to be around you, they join you because you are a role model for them, they join you because they like and perhaps admire you and many for other reasons.

This reflects, why building relationships is the basis for success in network marketing today. Of course we make the best of efforts and get informed as to which business we want to build, but who knows even having done the best of diligence a company may go bust for which ever reasons.

Provided you have built your team according to optimal criteria of human interaction: love and mutual understanding and trust, you will have built it for good. Your  team members, who actually joined YOU will happily brainstorm with you where to go next should such an adversity happen.

Building yourself, building the best relationships you can with the people who you really relate with, is the best long-term security you can have for yourself and your team.

To Your Miracle Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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    Hi Frieke,

    Great post and it’s a question we should all be asking ourselves. I never really thought about to much before but thanks for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge

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