Linear Versus Recurring Income


Do you actually know the definition of a recurring income?

A linear income  resembles bills which you pay once and they are done. Buy a dress, buy a meal, see a movie, things you do once at a time – they are linear expenses.

There are also recurring expenses:                 your utilities bills, your telephone bill, various insurances -                                                       amounts you keep paying again and again on a monthly basis.

In  most professions – teachers, doctors, lawyers, or in fact any other – you are exchanging time for money.  You teach, treat a person, set up a contract. When you stop working, your income stops – you have a "linear income".

  • However, if you write a book (preferably a best seller) or make a CD which will sell well or you purchase stocks to save up for your retirement your income structure is different. For each book or CD that is being sold you earn a certain amount money – month after month and year after year.
  • For a good investment you will receive dividends in much the same manner. This is a so-called "recurring" income:  you receive it for something you have done once and it goes on and on.

When you create a recurring income you can actually live the life style of the rich without having to become a millionaire first.

If you apply what you learn from Mentoring For Free in your network marketing business today you will get there.
In life, you will only ever get paid for what you DO and not for what your KNOW, but of course you have to learn: "what" to do and and "how" to do it right, before you will be paid for doing it successfully.

Would you prefer to have heart surgery done by a surgeon or by a student? No? Well why should it be different when it comes to success in network marketing?

  • A recurring income solution for a teacher might be receiving a small percentage of each student’s income after they leave school and start working, and for as long as the student works.

Crunch the numbers to see how much you would have to have to save up to be able to have a recurring income of 10 000 Dollars from interests on your account. Right now this is an interesting question  – a life time of savings would not be enough!

When you start a network marketing business you will soon be having some extra income.  As your team grows also the checks will grow. If you are wise and use that extra money to pay off your debts first, you will be debt free by the time your recurring income reaches 10 000 Dollars a month and that will already do nicely for a good life style.
It is an excellent way to create wealth – you likely do not know many people who will be able to achieve that kind of income from their interests.

Provided you are coachable and you really want to KNOW you can build that kind of income in network marketing in 2 – 10 years.

To Your Recurring Success

Frieke Karlovits
A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart

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