Network Marketing Today or Life as You Want It



Life as you want it

Network marketing today


…how do they relate? Let’s look at real life today and let’s be honest.

The world   is changing at a rapid pace and change even keeps accelerating.

  • We have come from hundreds of years of being either independent or totally dependent. Independent either through inherited wealth and status or else through being a landlord and farmer or a trades man who made his living through proudly working the trade of the family or the one that was learned. Dependent as a servant, slave, owned peasant and the like.
  • Then the industrial age dawned which as any major change in society brought not only added opportunities but also a shift in wealth/poverty and status. It was in the sixties of the past century when general income reached a level that people considered themselves well-off. However as everything in life also this period gave way to the natural cycle of up and down.

It was in those days when the idea of network marketing dawned. So by now it should be quite established in the minds of people, however it is not.

Like in any independent business or trade the scope of variety is so big and of course also the “hang-ons” have discovered this new branch which has made it difficult to create an excellent reputation. Adventurers and hang-ons tend to get into everything which can be done at low cost in their constant quest of finding something that might give them and income for nothing and network marketing requires none of the investments you normally have when you start your own business.

Let’s look at the essence. What do most people want in life? they want happiness and an income that gives them a life-style of freedom. Freedom to enjoy life, to be with family and friends, to travel, to have a lovely home – whatever, let your imagination play…

Can you have all of this in a job? Not easily nowadays and not really in the best of days either. Of course there is always a small group who will make it anyways, but that is not the major part of the population.

In network marketing today:

  • do you have to work? Definitely.
  • does it take time to become established? Definitely
  • do you need to be educated? Definitely – Apprenticeship on the job!
  • do you have a long-term perspective? Definitely
  • do you create a life-time income? Definitely, provided you do it until then

And: you don’t have a boss, you don’t have a 9 to 5 job, you will not be fired (instead you can fire your boss at some stage), you have no limitation as to how far you want to grow it, you can have success at network marketing today by doing what is required.

Network Marketing Today is both:

A Blessing – you are running your own business

A Curse – you have to do it yourself (none kicks you to be active)

Network Marketing Today is all about YOU, your will to achieve your goals and your motivation to do the required work. If you do create success in network marketing today you will be living a life you could only dream of whilst you were an employee.

To Your Well-organised Success

Frieke Karlovits

A Mentor With A Servant’s Heart


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